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Some of you may recall I did a series of posts on the National Folk Festival (Canberra).  The National Folk Festival takes place every year over the Easter period.  Here is a sample of my Folk Festival posts.  At the time, a couple of you expressed interest in attending.  So I thought I would let you know that Early Bird 1 has now opened for ticket sales.  Early Bird 1 runs for a month and is the cheapest way of getting a Season Pass (5 nights/4 days).

For details on Early Bird 1 ticket sales, click here.

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PS.  I am still on holidays.  All is going well.  It is very relaxing.  Internet coverage is patchy.


4 thoughts on “Folk ‘N Roll

  1. I enjoyed the photos a lot. A little far for me to go but I do look forward to seeing the next years if you go again.


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