This is a reminder for Aussies to make a choice about whether you want a centralised online My Health Record created for “you”, otherwise it will be created for “you” automatically whether you like it or not.  The deadline to opt-out of the My Health Record scheme is 15 October 2018.

The re-badged My Health Record is moving from an opt-in arrangement to an opt-out arrangement.  This is because there are apparently many health benefits that people are choosing to miss out on.  The suggestion has been made that people either do not know of this wonderful opportunity to register for a My Health Record or are too lazy to do so, so the promoters of the opt-out provisions are counting on people being too lazy to opt-out.

Your My Health Record is a potential treasure trove of health information that all sorts of characters will be out to plunder legally and illegally.  The Government and the Opposition are both sure that the privacy of your records can be protected provided you jump through many hoops and trust them.

All that aside, you may wish to consider whether the potential health benefits are sufficient to outweigh the risk of your data privacy being compromised.  It has been reported that the former head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Terry Moran, recently alluded that the Australian Public Service was incompetent.  This begs the question as to why such an important, high risk initiative like the My Health Record should be left to civil servants not equipped to competently implement it.  Oh wait, perhaps like many of the Government’s other important public services and associated infrastructure, the management of the supporting IT systems and storage of the My Health Record data will be outsourced to a third party?

Anyway, you should do your own research.  But please make sure you take the initiative and decide for yourself whether you want a health record created for “you”.  And don’t leave it too long to do so because you have to provide all sorts of private information to be able to opt-out.  Don’t want to opt-out online?  Well that’s too bad.  That is the only choice given.  However, you may ring a helpline if you need assistance.

Further Information:

For information on how to opt out, see

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14 thoughts on “Timely Reminder for Aussies

  1. Oooh, we just got hit. . On the other side of the argument, it was really convenient for us to drop by any clinic/hospital and the history is there. And scaringly, they have access to all our insurance policies too, yet that makes it really convenient to administer claims.
    Oh, and we have no element of choice.

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  2. Friends have been discussing this issue and opinion on whether to be in or out seems to be divided. I can see some benefits but as I am sure it will be outsourced, probably to Serco if they do that sort of thing I am not really a fan of the plan.

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  3. Isn’t it amazing how Politicians, usually influenced by their advisors (who have agendas) who think they’re being helpful. This is helpful becuase I haven’t been keeping up with teh news lately.

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    1. If my post has helped just one person, Paul, then that makes it worthwhile. The earlier opt-in scheme has been going for such a long time and it hasn’t been popular, but sometimes organisations just don’t want to let their favourite ideas go, especially when it justifies the existence of an organisation.

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  4. Thank you for the reminder Tracy. This system may bring pro and may be a helpful if a patient is being under emergency and needs medical history, con would be we may lose some privacy in our medical history…would that be something you also wonder?

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    1. Yes, that is what I was thinking too, Makiko. Right now I would love to be able to access the pathology test I had last week when I visited the doctor, because I waited the whole day yesterday for her to phone me back. I still haven’t heard. The office said the doctor needs to speak to me. This is a pain. But the privacy issue is a really big one for me, so I will be opting out.

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