WordPress Daily Prompt  —  Retrospective

I’m already feeling nostalgic for the WordPress Daily Prompt.

I couldn’t think of anything cornier for my last ever contribution to the WordPress Daily Prompt.

While I don’t agree with WordPress’s decision to abolish the Daily Prompt, I thank them nevertheless for the opportunity they have provided me over the last eight months since I’ve been blogging, to be a part of such a wonderful blogging community.

Please join Curious Steph, myself and a bunch of other bloggers next month when we attempt to make some more beautiful memories together.

Sing it with me, baby.





37 thoughts on “So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

      1. Thank you! Just trying to keep everyone together in one place. I just hope it works. My post was suppose to go on the community pool page but somehow it went somewhere else so trying to fix it now that I am home.

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  1. Love the Streisand the Douglas Adams quote! I’m so sorry for you and all the other bloggers who feel disappointed by the end of the Daily Prompt. I know many bloggers who participated and are equally sad about it.

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