WordPress Daily Prompt  —  Broken

If you haven’t seen Judy Dykstra-Brown’s post on the Daily Prompt theme of “Broken”, please check it out.  Judy is initiating a campaign to save the Daily Prompt.  Her post explains how you can help by adding your voice to her’s on the WordPress Forums page.  Here is what I wrote on the forum:

“Dear WordPress,

I wish to add my voice to that of Judy Dykstra-Brown, requesting that WordPress please reconsider its position to discontinue the Daily Prompt.

Quite apart from the benefits to individual bloggers in helping them improve their writing, and facilitating friendships between experienced and new bloggers, which is sufficient in its own right to make the Daily Prompt so very worthwhile – the Daily Prompt is the single most valuable forum that I’ve come across for building unity and understanding between such a diverse range of voices. Where other social media platforms build walls and tribes, the Daily Prompt provides a platform for us to come together in respectful conversation. It gives me much needed hope that we can overcome our differences and live together peacefully in a pluralistic global society, even if on occasion we agree to disagree.

While Longreads and Discover can highlight issues (and publicise some great blogs), rarely are readers enabled to join the conversation. I honestly believe that continuation of the Daily Prompt is necessary to fill that gap. Sure, the Daily Prompt is not perfect. Some people do use it for purposes other than which it was intended, but my casual observation is that the majority of contributions do not abuse the privilege.

When I first started blogging less than a year ago, I did so because I thought I had something worthwhile to say. As a result of the Daily Prompt, my blog is less about me, and more about putting others first. If my experience is replicated by other bloggers, then why wouldn’t WordPress want to see that continue? When I was discouraged, another blogger quoted Walt Whitman to me:

“That you are here—that life exists and identity,
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

Not every contribution to the Daily Prompt is going to change the world, but maybe the Daily Prompt can help us feel, in just a little way, that we belong to something bigger, something precious – humanity.

Please reconsider your decision.

Kind Regards.
(Reflections of an Untidy Mind)”

Perhaps no contribution to the Daily Prompt will change the world, but you get my drift.  In the word’s of Kev Carmody, “From little things big things grow.”  The point is that the Daily Prompt is far from broken.  It serves a higher purpose.

28 thoughts on “From Little Things Big Things Grow

  1. This is an excellent letter. It clearly points out one of the great benefits of WP. While it’s true that it doesn’t make massive changes in the wider world, mutual support between bloggers can make a huge difference to individuals, and while we can discover other bloggers without the help of the Word Prompt, that platform certainly helps.

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      1. I don’t know how much work goes into the word prompt, but it It doesn’t look like a very heavy chore for a massive site like WP. Maybe that’s the problem – they’ve become too big to care.

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  2. I totally agree Tracy and I will definitely add my voice, people power is a strong movement let’s hope it has some effect on the “happiness engineers” that make the decisions.

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    1. It is very disappointing. I have no idea whether WP is planning something else. They’ve given no indication.

      I never thought I would be able to get my brain to work quick enough to contribute anything, so I’ve learned something about myself through the process. I couldn’t keep it up every day though. A few of us are starting our own prompt for anyone who wants to participate. We launch tomorrow.
      You are very welcome to contribute when your work commitments allow. See https://curioussteph.com/2018/05/31/goodbye-old-prompt-hello-ragtag-daily-prompt/

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  3. Such a heartfelt and poignant letter, Tracy. You’ve perfectly described what so many feel about our community here and I will keep my fingers crossed that WP will reconsider their decision. Did they explain why it does not continue?

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