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Please Join Me in Asking WordPress Not to Abolish the Daily Prompt!!

I am starting a forum campaign to prevail upon WordPress not to drop the Daily Prompt.  Please comment HERE to agree with me and perhaps help effect a reversal of their decision.

Not only has it been an invaluable aid to me in jump-starting me in my writing each day, but it was also a way to find new bloggers to add to my favorites list. Without it, I will once again just fall back on my favorites list without much of a way of meeting new bloggers.

Please comment both on the forum and in comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Broken-hearted that after tomorrow, there will be no daily WordPress prompt!

  1. Thanks so much for reblogging. If everyone continues to do so, perhaps we can get WordPress to change their minds. But, everyone must also comment on my post on the forum and I’d appreciate hearing about your actions on comments on my blog as well. Thanks for your fast action. Only one day to go before it is gone forever.

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  2. I added my two cents worth!
    I and some others (including Tracy at Reflections) are going to attempt sending out a daily prompt (each taking a day of the week) to maintain some connection and stimulus for writing–happy to have you along if you’re so inclined.

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