A short note to those I Follow and some that I occasionally Unfollow.  

Occasionally I do “unfollow” some people.  I just wanted to let you know to please not take it personally, the problem is purely me.  I most often do this when a blogger includes a GIF (I think that is what you call them) in their post, and then it consequently appears (flashing over and over again) in my reader.  I understand that GIFs are meant to make posts more interesting and appealing, but they just do my head in.  I actually start to feel nauseous when they bob about.  It has nothing at all to do with the quality of the writing or your jokes, or that your viewpoint may differ from mine, etc, etc.

Perhaps there is a way to stop the GIFs flashing?

All the very best.

Kind Regards

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18 thoughts on “GIFs: No Laughing Matter

  1. This can be a big problem for people prone to migraines. I find the same with some colors of background and lettering. I have astigmatism and sometimes the letters dance and are impossible to read. A few blogs I’ve really wanted to follow I have stopped reading for this reason. It is just too hard to interpret what they have written. Style is not all. The important thing is the words. This is one reason I have the plainest blog on the net! Just want my words and photos to stand out.

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    1. Your blog is certainly very easy on my eyes, Judy. I’ve got an astigmatism too, as a result of cataract surgery. I have had a lot of health problems that people normally get when they are much older, but I got in my 30s because of my Type 1 diabetes. I have to say I am undecided about my own colour scheme that I updated to recently. I find it quite tiring to look at, so I may have to sacrifice the beautiful autumnal tones for something less tiring.


      1. Well, people don’t have to stare at your headline photo while they are reading your blog, so I’d say no problem. The rest of your blog is very kind to the eyes and the photo is lovely and eye-catching.

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  2. I have not come across GIFS on any of the blogs I follow. But I think they would be distracting and can’t really think of any reason for using them. The blogs I tend to ignore are ones that do 2-3 posts per day, every day….

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    1. I don’t know how to work out how often they post until I’ve already followed someone! But you are right, I have unfollowed a few sites for just that reason, particularly if the quality is not there to justify staying on. I still retain a few regular posters, where they are very good.

      I just did a quick calculation on my posts per week. It is nearly 3! My original aim was to do 2 per week. One writing/thinking one and one photo one just for fun. Your quote challenge invitation pushed me out of my comfort zone. 🙂 And of course, the last one was purely to let people know that I might be saying goodbye to them for no fault of their own.

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      1. I usually check how many per day they post before I put a follow on them. Otherwise it does clutter up the reader and is hard to keep up with. One a day is ok if they are worth reading….

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