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It is a fact that it is International Women’s Day today.  I share Louisa Simmond’s views on this subject, so I will let her blog do the talking for me.

Louisa Simmond asks the question what does International Women’s Day mean to you?  I am re-blogging because I am a feminist too.  I also like her commentary on how as a climate scientist, she has been taught “that to make people change you have to show them positivity.”

My Midlife Mayhem By Louisa Simmonds

Firstly, in preparation for that highly original question that is lobbed at me every year around this time – ‘when is International Men’s Day?’ – allow me to remind you fuckers, that it’s every day.


But it is indeed International Women’s Day today, a day to celebrate women’s achievements and because, understandably, many of you may be starting to think that pretty much every day is women’s day on this blog – and what’s wrong with that? – I apologize in advance – kind of. But if for no other reason than you agree that we’re fucking owed today, I hope you read on.

Today also happens to come hot on the heels of my further radicalization at the All About Women conference last Sunday, another reason I couldn’t possibly ignore it, not even for the few whose boxers get in a twist each time I mention the F-word. So…

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3 thoughts on “What Does International Women’s Day Mean To You?

  1. The year I was teaching in China, the government gave women the day off from work so they could attend a conference and luncheon at the governor’s house? I don’t remember, but some big city building. My Irish colleague, Ruth, and I did not attend. We reasoned that women had fought for the right to work so we would celebrate by working. The students were disappointed because our classes weren’t canceled.

    At the end of the day, some of our colleagues came to our apartment building to give us the gifts the governor had given the women who had attended. The gifts were dish towels. Ruth and I cracked up.

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