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Ladies and gentlemen, except for my very first Post, I have been singularly uncontroversial.  I feel I may break out soon, but in the meantime, let me continue not talking about those issues that I care most about.  Instead, this Post is on recent developments in Australian politics.  I sometimes wonder whether politics should take its cue from TV.  Oh wait, it does.

Australian politics is probably of no interest to most of you.  I can understand that.  There is a bigger reality TV political show elsewhere.  Like many western democracies, Australia has its fair share of challenges.  Take recent political shenanigans.  Just to fill you in, our Deputy Prime Minister (the leader of the National Party) was metaphorically caught with his pants down.  Under Durex duress, he resigned last week from his position of leader of the National Party (the junior partner of the Coalition government) to spend more time with his new family (as opposed to his old one).  He’ll still remain as a member, but just not as Deputy PM.

This episode has prompted our Prime Minister to henceforth ban sexual relations between ministers and their staff.  Apparently it is very bad workplace practice and everybody knows no good comes of it, especially when the revelations entail possible further improprieties.  The Prime Minister said that the change to the ministerial code of conduct was needed to reflect the values of respectful workplaces.

I suppose this will finally put to bed any further speculation as to whether this was a breach of the former ministerial code, and perhaps dampen speculation that the behaviour may have even amounted to misuse of taxpayer’s funds.  The paramour was transferred to alternative employment at a higher rate of pay in a colleague’s office.  I note that the colleague concerned, a stickler for traditional family values, voted ‘No’ to the recent  marriage equality Bill.  Yep, awkward.  I suppose too, that the resignation of the member and a speedy vote on a new party leader, may divert further scrutiny of other related potential conflicts of interest.  Good luck with that.

What horrifies me most about this affair and the Prime Minister’s response, is the implication that intra-office relationships are no longer acceptable by today’s community standards.  Blimey, that’s a bit rich.  The whole premise of the hit TV show Offspring, was based on intra-office romance, admittedly all the couples were single before they got together.  This new community standard, together with the fact that the show has probably exceeded its use-by date, virtually guarantees that there will be no Season 8 of Offspring.  I know that politics Offspring is a piece of fiction, but still.  Boohoo.  (I enjoyed the first few seasons of Offspring.  It was quite fun.  You can watch it via Netflix).

The National Party will congregate today to elect a new leader.  Apparently only one member is standing for the position, so it should be a short meeting.  I’m a little disappointed that the deputy leader of the party has decided that she will not run for the position.  Instead, it looks likes the job will go to someone she previously defeated for the deputy’s job.  How does that work?  I suppose she doesn’t have the balls for the job.  Or maybe she just has more sense.


15 thoughts on “Do We Have A Quorum?

  1. People have purient minds and low IQs. An earlier Political Reality Show in the US focused on a BJ performed between consenting adults in the Oval Office rather than the fact that the “Leader of the Free World” perjured himself repeatedly. People understand a BJ, and do not understand the danger posed by perjury, I guess. I think your gubmint can forbid whatever it wants; it won’t stop anyone. 🙂

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    1. The Head of the same gentleman’s department was let go when he raised concerns about his minister’s integrity, specifically in relation to the minister or his office changing the Hansard (the official record of parliament). The minister stood for re-election after this and won, so I don’t think the electorate particularly cares about being lied to.

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  2. I wonder about people who might have already been having sexual relations. Do they have to stop now? Really, it’s more like High School than Parliament.

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    1. I heard Warren Truss give an interview. He seems like a nice man. He said that more than any other workplace, liaisons happen between parliamentary colleagues/staff because of the working conditions, ie. people are away from their family for a long time. My first thought was that Parliament is not unique in having such a working environment. But nevertheless, I acknowledge it must be a fairly heady environment, and I imagine relationships break down. I personally think one would be foolhardy to embark on an inter-office relationship, but it goes on. Perhaps, there will be some shuffling of the decks, but I hope we don’t have to hear all the gruesome details.


  3. And it went on being debated endlessly in parliament and the media (yawn) I wonder what they were all up to on the political front that they were keeping hidden from the general public by diverting everyone’s attention to such a trivial (in my opinion) subject.

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